Wisedy Finance


Wisedy Finance is not making any representation, promise, guarantee or assurance that any Wise granted to its members or service providers, or any funding or resources of the members, will be held, used or spent for the benefit of the Wisedy Finance community. Any sale or other transfer or distribution of Wise tokens by Wisedy Finance or its members or service providers could occur without warning. Any such transaction would increase the circulating supply of Wise tokens. Depending on the number of Wise sold, transferred or distributed, the terms of sale, transfer or distribution and the prevailing market conditions, such a sale, transfer or other distribution could have a material adverse effect on the price or value of, or demand for, Wise tokens.
The members of the Wisedy and their service providers will hold a substantial amount of Wise. Any use of such Wise to vote in governance could affect governance outcomes. The members and service providers of the Wisedy are not promising to participate or to refrain from participating in Wisedy governance, whether by voting Wise, veWise orWise-Assets or otherwise. Wisedy and its members and service providers are not promising that, if any of them do participate in Wisedy governance, they will vote in any particular way, observe any standard of care or act in the best interests of Wisedy users, Wise holders or any other persons. Wisedy or its members or service providers could have financial interests or other interests or incentives which could outweigh their respective interests and incentives (if any) relating to Wisedy.
Last modified 2mo ago