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Wisedy Finance's governance summary + liquidity-related product line.
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Wisedy Finance's Governance Summary and Liquidity-Related Product Line.

WiseAsset Mining

Users can deposit relevant assets into Wisedy via the Arbitrum blockchain, which will return the tokenized assets as WiseAssets (part of the Wise series). The assets can be deposited as equivalent tokens or equivalent permanently locked tokens.

WiseAsset Staking

With WiseAssets, users can achieve exposure to veAsset rewards without locking their tokens. A liquid collateral derivative allows users to exit their WiseAsset position at any time and receive the corresponding tokens. With additional rewards on top of the maximum locked-in veAsset yield, WiseAssets are more profitable and liquid than the native option of maximum locked-in assets. WiseAssets can bet on Wisedy Finance to receive the maximum locked-in veAsset fee/single-pile bonus, Wise emissions, and a portion of the proceeds from Wisedy's "Productive Treasury" on their respective platforms.

WiseAsset Liquidity Pool

Users can exchange Wise series stakings for native ones through the WiseAsset-Asset liquidity pool. The WiseSPA liquidity pool will go live at a later date after the launch of WiseSPA. The liquidity pool is incentivized by Wise emissions.